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Karen Lange studied archaeology in college but ended up becoming a journalist—first a daily newspaper reporter and later a writer at National Geographic Magazine. Her articles for the magazine include pieces on a holy city in Mali, a tomb in Syria, Cape Verdeans in Rhode Island, and Jamestown. She has served in Liberia as a Peace Corps Volunteer and traveled in Africa and the Middle East for reporting and story research. 1607 and Nevermore are her first two children's books. Currently a freelance writer, she lives in Takoma Park, Maryland, with her husband and two children.


selected works

Children's History -- 

Poe's life for a new generation.
        School Library Journal starred review

"The book I wish I could have had when I was a kid."
 --Michael Deas, designer of the Poe stamp

1607 A New Look at Jamestown
The latest on America's first colony.
School Library Journal starred review

"A fascinating look at archaeology in action."

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